list of halloween foods

Whether you are planning a Halloween party this year or just want to get your family into a festive mood, a spooky menu can be a lot of fun. Try out some of these creepy recipes and you will be sure to thrill your table guests!

list of halloween foods |

  • Mummy Dogs
    • Wrap hot dogs in crescent rolls so that it looks like a mummy with just the tip (face) poking out.
    • Bake until crescent rolls are done.
    • Add red (ketchup) or yellow (mustard) eyes with a toothpick.
  • Apple Monster
    • Cut an quarter out of an apple to be a mouth.
    • Line the mouth with “teeth” made by poking sunflower seeds into the apple edge.
    • Make eyes by “gluing” dried fruit with peanut butter above mouth.
  • Deviled Egg Eyes
    • Make your regular deviled egg recipe, except dye the yolk part green and top with a halved black olive.
  • Oreo Spider
    • Stick 7 pieces of black licorice string into the sides of an oreo to look like spider legs.
    • “Glue” on 2 mini m-ms for eyes using peanut butter.
  • Cracker Spider
    • Spread peanut butter between 2 round crackers.
    • Add 8 pretel sticks to be legs.
    • Raisins or m-ms can be “glued” on with PB to be eyes.
  • Goblin Grins
    • Make a slit in the center of one side of a pea pod.
    • Stick in some slivered almonds to be teeth.
    • Add a piece of red pepper (put the inside of the pepper facing out…it looks more tongue-like).
  • Monster Fingers
    • Cut cheese sticks to look like fingers (don’t forget to score across to look like knuckles).
    • Use cream cheese to “glue” green pepper fingernails on top.
  • Goblin Feet
    • Use green melted candy wafers and cover a peanut butter cookie (such as a nutter butter).
    • Place 3 cashew halves on the edge like claws.
  • Eyeballs
    • Melt white chocolate chips and coat donut holes.
    • Add a chocolate chip (pointy end in) into the center of the donut to be the pupil.
    • Cool on wax paper.
    • Use red icing to make the eye look blood-shot.
  • Funny Bones
    • Stick 2 mini marshmallows to the end of a pretzel stick to look like a bone.
    • Dip the bone in melted white chocolate.
    • Cool on wax paper.

What Halloween foods have you prepared in the past?  What will you make a part of your Halloween menu this year?

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