list of ways to cut costs & provide healthier lunches

The school year is well underway now and the chaotic dust of a new schedule has settled. Instead of opting for the illusion of convenience, you can save a lot of money and provide healthier lunches for your students by taking a few extra moments to prepare them at home. It takes a little effort […]

Oct, 16

list of tips to reduce homework stress

There are a few school-related words that conjure up fear in parents and children alike; words like homework, head lice, and fundraiser. While homework isn’t actually as bad as head lice, sometimes you wouldn’t know such things while discussing the dreaded busy work sent home with students each night. Afterschool time can be very stressful […]

Oct, 08

list of ideas for a soothing post-dinner, pre-bedtime evening routine

While most children try and fight sleep tooth and nail, the fact of the matter is that school-aged children (especially the younger ones) need between 10-12 hours of sleep each night in order to function properly. Not getting enough quality sleep can lead to behavioral problems and can severely impact attention and memory, which are […]

Sep, 24

list of healthy afterschool snack ideas

The school year is now in full-swing and everyone is slowly adjusting to the new schedule that comes with this new chapter of life. Chances are, when your child comes home from a busy day at school, he/she runs straight to the kitchen and is ready to devour anything in sight. Younger children are fed […]

Sep, 17

list of ways to curb lunchtime waste

Now that school is back in session, many children will be toting their lunch with them each and every day.  While it may not sound like much to think of one child with a sandwich in a ziploc baggie, an individually-wrapped granola bar, a pudding cup and plastic spoon, a juice box, a paper napkin, […]

Sep, 05

list of steps to getting your big kid ready for school on her own

Until now, I have only had elementary-aged children to help prepare for school in the morning.  Suddenly, I find myself with a big kid preparing for middle school.  Although she has not changed dramatically from last year, she will now be getting up earlier than her siblings (6 a.m.) and getting ready largely on her […]

Sep, 04

list of ways to actively participate in your child’s learning

Summer is winding down and parents and children alike are gearing up for the school year ahead. Whether a child is entering kindergarten or their senior year of high school, there are plenty of reasons why parents should try and get involved in their child’s school. Some parents enjoy taking part in classroom activities, while […]

Aug, 21

list of ways to prepare for the first day of school

Fortunately for parents, summer vacation does not last forever. As summer winds down and parents are just about ready to pull their hair out, it is important to prepare your child for the school year and the many changes that come with it. Whether your child is entering a new school, advancing a grade, or […]

Aug, 09

list of ways to prepare for a new homeschool year in the summertime

Many parents and students look forward to the “lazy days of summer”, but if you are a homeschooling family you know that this is not always the case. Many times, for homeschoolers, summer is full of catch up work or finishing last year’s curriculum or even planning for the next school year. In all that […]

Jul, 24

list of steps to prevent summer brain drain

It’s summertime, and children are a lot more into unstructured fun than they are in the faint memories of school work and learning.  As parents, there is a concern that three months of summer break will not only dull the minds of our children but turn them to mush.  It is possible, even halfway through […]

Jul, 18

list of fun ideas for your backyard summer camp

Last summer, I wrote a post called List of Ways to Create a Summer Camp Experience at Home. It was a great step-by-step post on how to get started creating a summer camp in your own home or backyard. I believe in summer camp as a means to keep children active, stir creativity, interact socially, […]

Jun, 06

show your appreciation on national teachers’ day

Click image below to view the Special Offer in The L.I.S.T. Today is National Teachers’ Day and this is, for many schools, Teacher Appreciation Week. Show the teachers and office staff of your child’s school how much you appreciate them and give them a tool that will keep on giving throughout the summer and into […]

May, 08

list of supplies needed for a typical summer camp experience

If your child is planning to attend a summer camp this summer or in the future, there are a quite a few items that may be needed for maximum safety and ultimate fun.  Start collecting items now so you are not frantically running around when the time comes.  Increase your child’s enthusiasm for summer camp […]

Apr, 23

list of things you need to pull off a great holiday fundraiser for your school

This past weekend we had a great fundraiser and community building event at our elementary school. We called it DROP, SHOP and READ. Parents dropped their children off at school and had three hours to themselves to do some holiday shopping. While at the school, students rotated among different stations. All of the stations centered […]

Dec, 07

list of tasks to include in your afternoon/evening routine

The afternoon and evening is often the trickiest time of day. Children may seem tired from a long day of learning and playing. However, there is still homework to consider, after school activities to taxi to and from, dinner to be made, and bedtimes to uphold. It may either feel like bedtime can’t come soon […]

Oct, 05

list of tasks for a smooth schoolday morning routine

By now, school has been back in session for a month (or more), and everyone in your house has likely slid into a comfortable morning routine. Whether you are schooling at home or sending your child off on the bus or a bike to school, there are certainly ways to make the the first part […]

Oct, 03

list of ways to get involved in your child’s school

Parent involvement can improve a child’s attitude about school, increase school attendance, boost achievement, and make schools better places. There are so many ways parents can be involved in schools. Try something new this year (Your child will thank you.)! Attend your school’s parent meeting • You don’t have to be the president of your […]

Sep, 07

list of back to school supplies to stock up on at home

As you buy and organize supplies for your your child’s new school year, take a moment to think if YOU are prepared for Back-To-School as well (I am talking about being materially ready, not emotionally ready…we’ll save that for a later post).  Most homes have a central spot in their kitchen or on the main […]

Aug, 29

list of fun back-to-school lunch ideas

At our house, going back to school means the return of packed lunches. Packing an interesting and healthy lunch can brighten your child’s day as well as fuel them up for the remainder of it. Here are some fun ideas. Let your kid select a lunchbox that best expresses his or her personality • Or […]

Aug, 24

list of back to school safety tips

Going to and from school is something that takes a little thought. An estimated 2.2 million children ages 14 and under are injured in school-related accidents each year, according to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign. To help you keep your kids free from harm, here are some safety tips from SAFE KIDS, the Consumer Product […]

Aug, 22

list of back to school reminders

August, despite the fact that it has no federal holiday, is a full month. There are both end-of-summer and beginning-of-school things to do. It feels a little like having one foot caught in the past and one stepping into the future. August is definitely a whirlwind month. Whether you are sending a Kindergartener to school […]

Aug, 16

list of ways to create a summer camp experience at home

Summer camps are great experiences for kids.  They give kids a chance to participate in fun activities, play sports, meet new people, learn new skills, develop their talents, and experience nature.  However, the cost of summer camp for just one child can be steep, let alone for multiple children in a family.  Plus, sometimes, transportation […]

Jun, 13

list of ways to read and write with your family over the summer

I recently went to a parent night on summer reading at my children’s elementary school. I was aghast to learn statistically how many children actually lose reading skills over the summer. The teacher explained why this happens…each school day (for about 180 days), our children are immersed in reading. They are sitting down to read […]

Jun, 08

list of year-end considerations for your child’s teacher

Even though many schools have an unwritten policy against giving teachers gifts, most people I know like to give their child’s teacher a gift of appreciation at the end of the year. Let me speak as a teacher myself…we have enough stuff that says #1 TEACHER on it…mugs, paperweights, ornaments and knickknacks – I have […]

May, 23

list of ways to show teacher appreciation

Teachers can make a real difference in the lives of our children. Take a moment to think about a special teacher who has touched your life. What do you wish you could tell them now.  We have been blessed with some amazing teachers for our children. They have made a real impact on shaping our […]

May, 16


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