Chemical Free Gardening

Without even thinking about it, we are pouring thousands of chemicals and wasting millions of gallons of water needlessly. How? Gardening! But you can make a difference just by changing your gardening practices. Take the lead from large agricultural producers and apply these tricks to help your own garden and the planet!

chemical free gardening

Pick appropriate plants. Not all plants are appropriate for the area you live in. We all know that can’t control the weather even though we would like to! If you pick the right plants for where you live, you may be able to avoid using fertilizers and even saving on water. Research what plants are native to your surrounding areas and try planting them in your own garden.

Pick natural repelling plants. You don’t need to rely on poisons to keep away  pests. Many plants produce chemicals that repel these animals naturally. By putting them in or around you garden, you can keep your garden safe with little effort and no chemicals. Plus, you can pick parts of these plants and use them to make products to keep them away from you too.

chemical free gardening

If you don’t want to plant natural repellents in your garden, you can use them to spray your plants without harming them or adding artificial chemicals to your garden. Many herbs like hot pepper, vanilla, and lavender can help repel insects from your garden.

Pull weeds. We’re all looking for a quick and easy way to safely get rid of weeds without chemicals, but the good old fashioned way is still very effective. Take the time to pull weeds daily. It will only take a few minutes so it doesn’t seem like a lot of work! You can even get the kids involved, just be sure to do it properly so you don’t spread the seeds around.

Now that you’ve made all these changes and are using a low-water, chemical free garden,  you still haven’t done the most important thing: pass it on! One garden can make a dent, but more can make a bigger difference. Tell your friends, teach your kids, you can even visit their school and teach your kids friends! Every little bit helps make a better world.

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