Create a Party Planning Checklist

With the holiday season on the horizon, it is a great time of year to throw a party!  Whether it is a birthday, Halloween or harvest, Christmas, or New Year, a party is a great way to celebrate.  However, parties are quite a bit of work for the person planning them.  By creating a checklist of things to accomplish and a timeline in which to accomplish them, you’ll save yourself lots of time and frustration.

Create a Party Planning Checklist |

Here are some ideas for your party planning checklist.

One Month Before

___ Create a Party Budget
___ Choose a theme
___ Make the guest list
___ Make or buy invitations
___ Create menu
___ Choose activities/games
___ Order supplies & favors
___ Book entertainment

Three Weeks Before

___ Send invitations
___ Rent any equipment
___ Make shopping list
___ Order food/catering

Two Weeks Before

___ Order cake
___ Buy pinata & fillers
___ Order flowers

One Week Before

___ Do major cleaning
___ Buy food & beverages
___ Buy candles/matches
___ Buy thank you cards
___ Contact non-RSVP guests
___ Make party timeline

Two Days Before

___ Order balloons
___ Buy garbage bags
___ Arrange party favors/bags
___ Confirm entertainment
___ Choose party music/playlist

One Day Before

___ Clean party area
___ Charge camera/video camera
___ Decorate for party
___ Set up games/activities
___ Set out party favors
___ Prepare food that can refrigerate well
___ Bake cake
___ Clean bathrooms

Party Day

___ Pick up cake, ice, balloons
___ Frost homemade cake
___ Prepare food
___ Finish decorating
___ Prepare cake table
___ If presents, set up receiving area & get gifts received list ready
___ Don’t forget to smile

Day After Party

___ Return rented/borrowed equipment
___ Put reusable items in a bin/box
___ Throw away whatever you don’t intend to use again
___ Download photos
___ Vacuum floors
___ Break out those thank you cards

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