How to Avoid the Stressful Christmas Shopping Rush

This time of year, we are so busy creating shopping lists, organizing Christmas dinner, and preparing Christmas cards. Add to that our already busy schedule and the time slips by so quickly. Before we know it, there’s one week left until Christmas, and our list of things to do is a mile long. This leave us very little time to even enjoy what the season is really all about.

How to Avoid the Stressful Christmas Shopping Rush
You can avoid the Christmas rush and enjoy the season with some simple tips.

Plan Your Christmas List Early. If you can, start planning your Christmas list as early as possible. Keep note of what your children, family members, and friends are hinting at all year long. With a list in hand, you will know well in advance who you want to purchase gifts for and can add to this list as you remember more names. This also can help you with overspending, as so many of us do each year. Each year, if you keep track of your gift-giving list, you can just readjust the list if you need to, and have direction with your purchasing plans.

Shop Early. Now that you have your list, your Christmas shopping is about get easier. When you start your list early, your shopping can start early as well. Avoiding the Christmas crowds, which no one enjoys, will help to reduce your stress as you get everything you need. You’ll also be in a better position to shop around for bargains. And, the closer to Christmas it gets, the more you can sit back and enjoy it, knowing you’ve already gotten the shopping out of the way.

Purchase Meaningful Gifts. When you plan and shop early, you will most likely be able to purchase gifts that have special meaning for your family and friends. You won’t be purchasing gifts for the sake of it just because you’re in a rush. Putting some thought into your gifts makes them more meaningful, and brings you closer to the true spirit of the season, rather than just spending money thoughtlessly.

Spend Less. When you take the time to plan, you can adjust your Christmas list according to a budget. With a clear idea of who you will be purchasing gifts for, you can always take advantage of special sales. Many department stores hold sales during other holidays, such as Labor Day, giving you more opportunities to save money. The chances of getting a unique gift decreases as more Christmas shoppers are also looking for the sales.

Taking the time to plan and anticipate the season of Christmas before it arrives will allow you more time to spend with family and friends. Why waste time rushing to buy gifts, when you can relax and enjoy this special season and all it has to offer?

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  1. Good tips for Christmas planning… it’s coming up quick! Now to start decorating and break out the Christmas mistletoe.


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