list of considerations when planning your travel itinerary

Being away from home and out of your comfort zone can be adventuresome, but can turn quickly into confusion and chaos when you have left the details to chance.  Do yourself a favor.  Plot as many details of your trip as you can.  Use the internet, make phone calls, and do the legwork now.  While you are relaxing with your family and enjoying the very best your destination has to offer, you will be glad for the effort you took at home.

I just finished planning a trip that involved 2 adults, 3 children, 2 seniors (my parents), and lots of luggage beginning in the south of England and ending up in Naples, Italy.  Our trip involved 4 different holiday rentals in 4 different cities (London, Paris, Venice, Florence), trains, planes, buses, ferries, metros (subways), and different currencies and languages.  It took hours {and months} of preparation, lots of phone calls and emails, and lots of ListPlanIt lists before we even began.  Besides a few small bumps in the road, we were so happy in the end that the trip had gone so smoothly.

list of considerations when planning your travel itinerary |

Clark & I on a Seine River Tour in Paris

  • Days and Dates
    Write out the days and dates for each day of your trip. List everything you know about what will be happening then and then list everything that you will need to know. Keep a close eye on these dates. You don’t want to schedule hotels or buy train tickets for the wrong dates.
  • Destination
    Know the climate ahead of time.  We were staying in England during the month of February, and I assumed that, like Maine, there would be plenty of snow.  I packed snow pants and boots.  That was a huge (and heavy) mistake.  Know a little about the rules of the local culture.  You don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb – or worse, a target.
  • Accommodation
    When deciding on sleeping arrangements for each night, a few things to keep in mind are the number of beds you will need, possible entertainment options, and proximity to restaurants or grocery stores.  My advice, choose a place with wi-fi available.  You will be so happy that you can look up maps, weather, opening hours, and so many other things with your laptop or iPad.
  • Transportation
    How will you get to your destination(s)?  Once there, will you be driving your own vehicle, renting a car, using public transportation, or riding with friends?  A lot of time goes into getting from place to place.  It is best to plan this out as well as possible to leave more time for fun.
  • Food
    Many hotels and inns provide breakfast, but what if they don’t?  Is there food nearby?  Does your accommodation have a kitchen(ette)?  Maybe you’re on a foodie vacation and plan to eat in the best restaurants in town.  It is best to locate some of your choices before leaving home.
  • Amusements
    Museums, gardens, historic sites, amusement parks, and shops all have specific details regard directions, costs, hours of operation, and more.  Note these so you know your full options and have more flexibility.

What tools have been useful to you in planning a travel itinerary?  What is travel-planning tip that you can offer up here?

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2 responses to “list of considerations when planning your travel itinerary”

  1. LynnD says:

    I print things out at home and carry it in a file folder. You can even organize that by categories such as places to eat, coupons, day trips, alternative places to stay etc. Then a lot is done before hand and you can relax and enjoy the trip too.

  2. Cena Block says:

    Nice to see your picture! Great post. Just tweeted it. Will share on FB too! thanks


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