list of funds to create when establishing a budget

For some things we pay regularly each month (i.e. mortgage, utilities, etc.). Other expenses we know will come up, but because they are not as regular, it is hard to know where they fit in the budget (e.g., car repairs, annual taxes, etc.).

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list of funds to create when establishing a budget |

Here are some of those less than regular expenses for which we must budget and be prepared:

  • Auto – oil changes, routine maintenance, repairs
  • Clothing – clothes, shoes, and outerwear for the whole family
  • Entertainment – baseball tickets, concert tickets, movie tickets
  • Gifts – birthday, baby, wedding, graduation, anniversary, and holidays
  • Holidays – crafts, decor, and special meals
  • Home – taxes, insurance, decor, new furnishings
  • Kids – braces, car, athletic uniforms, lessons/extracurricular activities
  • Medical Expenses – dentist, eye Dr., hospitalization, copays, prescriptions
  • Projects – finishing the basement, building a garage, remodeling rooms, landscaping
  • Travel – weekend getaways, family vacations

For more information on creating funds, read “Budgeting for Yearly Expenses.”  And for more information, check out this ListPlanIt video.

What are you currently putting money away for? 

4 responses to “list of funds to create when establishing a budget”

  1. Connie S says:

    I am currently trying to develop three budgets, one for my budget, one for our daughter and one for my 87 yr old mother who is in a rehab hospital. I have to handle her money totally too. It is an overwhelming task. If we don’t budget properly and the state has to kick in money for her care they will seize her home to payback their costs. I can’t stand the thought!

  2. list mama says:

    Mara is the winner of the Finance ePlanner from! Congratulations!


  3. Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) says:

    First, don’t enter me in the contest – I just wanted to comment.

    I think you put together a great list. Kudos.

    Personally, we don’t save for anything… we save for everything. I constantly ask “do I need it?” As a result of our frugal behavior, we always are prepared for the unexpected… and since we’re frugal, when we find something we REALLY want and can actually justify the purchase – we buy it.

    We pay for everything on our credit cards then pay them off every month. From $2 McDonalds to the dental bill or even the insurance payment. Whatever the amount, it goes on the credit cards to take advantage of the cashback bonuses.

  4. Mara B. says:

    I know we need to be more diligent about saving, but its not always easy.

    We’re saving for vacation. Luckily we’re going camping, so the expense isn’t as bad as if we were going to a theme park out of state.

    We’re also saving for emergencies. You never know when the weather is going to throw a monkey wrench in your life. It helps to be prepared.


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