list of ideas for creative holiday correspondence

I have always loved making and receiving clever cards or letters for Christmas.   My hope is that when people open a card from me, the $.44 that I spent on that stamp will not have been in vain. I love bookmarking creative cards I find on the web and clipping card ideas out of magazines. I keep all of my card ideas in a Christmas file so that I can come back to them, even if I don’t use them this year. Here are some of my favorites from past Christmases and from my little file.

list of ideas for creative holiday correspondence |

Me as a Kindergarten Cardmaker

    • I wrote a poem about our family that started “Twas a Month Before Christmas.”  Our youngest was just 16 months at the time so I thought it would be fun to give her a voice as the letters’ narrator.  Each paragraph focused on a different member of our family.
    • I had found an idea in Family Fun magazine that I loved!  I prepared my holiday cards as Thanksgiving cards.  I sent them out with a “feather” for each member of their family, a return envelope, and a plea to return the feathers after writing something that they were thankful for on them.  By Christmas we had a tall stack of feathers.  We organized them on a posterboard in the shape of a turkey tail.  It was so fun getting our feathers back with notes from our friends and family!
    • I wrapped up large boxes in bright Christmas paper and placed my 2 and 3 year olds in each box with Santa hats on their heads.  I labeled the photo “Our Greatest Gifts.”
    • If you are tired of the same holiday photo where every smiling face looks right at the camera, I love this website for unique holiday photo ideas.
    • For those who are handy with scrapbook paper, cardstock, and a hot glue gun, here are a beautiful selection of handmade cards.
    • Enlist the help of your little artists.  You can see from the above picture that I created cards for our friends and family when I was just 5.  My parents were so proud of my efforts that they mounted the cards on a board and called the town newspaper to come take a photo of their budding artiste.  Nowadays, color copiers can easily reproduce works of art as cards or to be included in cards.

What are your favorite ideas for holiday cards and letters?  Do you like them to be traditional or more out-of-the-ordinary?


2 responses to “list of ideas for creative holiday correspondence”

  1. Christmas Card Consideration | 100 Days to Christmas says:

    […] List of Ideas for Creative Holiday Correspondence […]

  2. Leigh says:

    My family did a Christmas letter every year growing up since we moved all the time. We did several acrostics, an alphabet one and my favorite, a series comic strips.

    I have made marbled cards and this year plan splatter paint ones.



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