list of items to keep in your desk at work

I frequently find myself at work, wishing for things that would help to make me feel more confident and/or secure.  I am not talking about a bodyguard.  I mean items that I wish I had on me at that moment.

Oh no.  My boss wants to meet with me in his office?  It’s so warm in there.

What is that on my chin?  It’s so bristly.

Did my bra just break?  Do you think anyone will notice that I’m not wearing a bra?

As you can see, quite a few potentially hazardous things can happen at work, unless you are prepared with an emergency kit that you can keep right in your desk and pull out whenever the need arises.  Here are a few of the things that I keep in my kit.

list of items to keep in your desk at work |

    • brush/comb, hair accessory(ies)
    • deodorant
    • travel toothbrush/paste, floss
    • tweezers
    • a few safety pins &/or travel sewing kit
    • hand sanitizer
    • fingernail clippers
    • pain reliever

What do you find essential to having at work or in your car for “emergencies?”

One response to “list of items to keep in your desk at work”

  1. Carrie says:

    I always keep a small can of spray lysol or lysol wipes in my desk. If someone uses my phone, or if a visitor appears to have a cough, I can quickly and easily eliminate germs after they leave.


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