list of possible christmas card options

You might think this is a little early for Christmas cards. Now is the time to start gathering ideas and doing a little research. For me, Christmas cards are a way to stay in touch with those that have meant something to me and my family in the past, but if I am going to take the time and go to the expense of choosing to send Christmas cards, I don’t want to just sign my name and that’s it. Each year, I like to do something a little different than I’ve done before with my cards or letters. Here is a list of options that you might want to start considering now. Visit 100 Days to Christmas for more information.

list of possible christmas card options |

  • Pre-packaged cards from the store. There is no shame in these. Just, please, add a little personal information besides just your name.
  • Christmas letter on holiday stationery. I LOVE these. I love reading what each family has done over the past year. Just, please, do not include an entire book’s worth of information. How many people really want to hear about each tooth that Jimmy lost in detail?
  • Homemade cards. With today’s plethora of pretty papers and card-making supplies, you can let your creativity run free here. Start thinking of ideas.
  • Have cards personalized and printed. There are many places that will do this for you now. They’ll even include a printed message inside that you have written.
  • Photo card. I am always a little disappointed when a Christmas card comes in the mail from people I don’t see often and there is no picture. A photo card is an attractive way to go – but don’t forget to include a personal note or letter!
  • Purchase your cards through a charitable organization. Visit Cards that Give for an impressive selection of cards that will benefit quite an array of organizations.
  • eCards.  Whether the economy or the environment is a concern to your family, electronic cards are a way to keep in touch and share your family’s news of the year.   The cost of stamps keeps going up.  Electronic communication is better than no communication.

What are your favorite Christmas card ideas?  Do you have a plan for this coming Christmas?

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13 responses to “list of possible christmas card options”

  1. Christmas Card Consideration | 100 Days to Christmas says:

    […] List of Possible Christmas Card Options […]

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  3. […] down your ideas and findings in your Christmas planner. Check out List Mama, Jennifer Tankersly’s List of Possible Christmas Card Options. For the past couple of years I have sent my friends, family and neighbours, personalised greetings […]

  4. Sheri says:

    it really is already time to think about Christmas cards…it is always my goal to have the cards made and in the envelopes ready to be addressed by Thanksgiving week. i don’t always achieve that goal, but i am trying!

  5. […] down your ideas and findings in your Christmas planner. Check out List Mama, Jennifer Tankersly’s List of Possible Christmas Card Options. For the past couple of years I have sent my friends, family and neighbours, personalised greetings […]

  6. Sheena says:

    I’m thinking about having my 19 month old “design” a card this year. Maybe use one of his drawings as a frame for a family picture.
    .-= Sheena´s last blog .. =-.

  7. Christmas Card Consideration | 100 Days to Christmas says:

    […] Check out List Mama’s List of Possible Christmas Card Options. […]

  8. Blair Winster says:

    Your post really got me in the Christmas mood! I already started looking at Christmas cards before I finished reading. I found this really cool place if anyone is interested ( ). They have photo Christmas cards that you can personalize with a message, and they actually arn’t expensive at all!

  9. (fairy) Godmother says:

    Or if you have a very artistic child your child can design a card. Rebecca made cards for a couple of years. One year she drew an amazing snowman — white in a field of navy sky and white stars. We scanned the picture and printed it out (we have a very good printer) then We glue-gunned (that is a verb, isn’t it?) a small bow that I made from fabric store ribbon that resembled the snowman’s scarf. It looked so “professional.” I will never forget that one particular card.

  10. heather says:

    Thanks for the reminder. In the past I usually don’t think of Christmas stuff until mid November -and then I end up sending cards out on the 23rd -if at all- thinking better late than never!!

    BUT…maybe this year can be the year I change all those bad habits

    -and what about postcard type of Holiday greetings? Those wouldn’t cost as much to send, right?

  11. Ann(ie) says:

    I think I’m gonna have to do the photo card this year!!!

  12. MaryBeth says:

    Thanks for taking a look around our family blog. Yep, 4 girls age 3 and under here… so you can bet we’ll do a photo card for the next several years, at least! So excited that I found the 100 Days to Christmas site and then this one. Great info!

  13. Liz Samaniego says:

    You are so right! The holidays are just around the corner. And there isn’t anything better than to get a card in the mail from someone who is thinking about you. I actually create my own greeting cards and show other how to do this as well. It is fun and easy and a huge time saver! If you need some help you can email me at [email protected]


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