list of reasons to join a MOMS club

I would first like to say Happy Father’s Day to my husband and to all the dads who might happen to find this blog.

Concerning the MOMS Club, I have been a member since my first child was just 8 months old. I was a member of the MOMS Club of Norwich, CT for almost 2 years, the MOMS Club of Moore, OK for 2 years, and the MOMS Club of Midcoast Maine for the past year. It was my lifesaver through those years when my children were tiny. Visit if you are interested in finding out more information:

list of reasons to join a MOMS club |

  1. Your only conversation during the day is completely one-sided, unless you count gurgles and monosyllabic words.
  2. You spend hours a week strolling around Target, just to get out of the house.
  3. You strike up conversations with complete strangers in the hopes that you might find someone who understands what you are going through.
  4. You wonder how this little human has enough power over you to keep you from showering or from cooking and cleaning.
  5. You suspect your friends from your previous, pre-baby life wouldn’t understand about acid reflux, nap schedules, or breastfeeding challenges.

For a chance to win a Club ePlanner from, post a comment about a club (MOMS, book, exercise, etc) you have been involved with.

4 responses to “list of reasons to join a MOMS club”

  1. Audrey says:

    What a great list. When my kids were young, we did tons of mommy and me classes, which then led to play dates and to us moms getting together for adult conversation.

  2. list mama says:

    Using to randomly choose a winner, the winner of the Club ePlanner from is. . .


  3. Regina says:

    I was part of a very large book club which was good for a while but lately there is a lot of complaining over the types of books we read. I do have a blog friend who is talking about starting a Christian book reading club. I am thinking about joining hers.
    Book clubs are awesome networking tools!

  4. Melissa says:

    i was a part of a mom’s group, even though i have no kids! my good friend was the asst. organizer and let me join. i really enjoyed it and made some great friends!! it is nice to have married friends, especially those that are military wives or ex-military wives.


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