list of reasons to LOVE stumbleupon

I recently discovered a new fun tool for exploring the internet. I did not take StumbleUpon as seriously as I should have until I felt the power of it myself. I had to see what this was all about. Here is what I have enjoyed so far.

list of reasons to LOVE stumbleupon |

  1. StumbleUpon is a great way to find the website/blog pages, images, and videos that most interest you but that you might never have “stumbled upon” otherwise.
  2. One day, my blog traffic quadrupled, thanks to one of my posts being stumbled.
  3. After you create a profile at StumbleUpon and have chosen the topics that most interest you, you can stumble your favorite pages and keep a record of what you liked and didn’t like.
  4. If the page/post includes a Stumble It! button, just click there.
  5. The Stumble toolbar is easy to install and includes lots of great features.
  6. There is a Stumble! button that lets you quickly and easily stumble from one page to another.
  7. You can give a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down to any page you land on, whether stumbled or not.
  8. You can easily send your favorite pages straight to a friend’s email with the toolbar.
  9. You can add friends to your Stumble profile and then view their favorite pages.
  10. You can write a review of a page or read any reviews that might already have been written for that page.

If you’ve never tried to StumbleUpon before, then go ahead and try it! And welcome to a new way to view the internet!!

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  1. Suzanne Wells - The eBay Coach says:

    And thanks for participating in the Stumble Exchange Club at MBC!

    Take care,

    Suzanne Wells


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