list of reasons to visit listplanit each weekday in february has hundreds of printable/downloadable lists and planning pages, as you may know. You may not know that it has a growing number of other list/organizational items as well! During the month of February, each weekday will feature one of ListPlanIt‘s products.  Each of those days we will be giving you an opportunity to win one of those items. All you’ll have to do is visit ListPlanIt each weekday and post a comment. There will be ways of getting extra entries into the drawing so you have more chances to win.

list of reasons to visit listplanit each weekday in february |

  • 3 types of memberships that give you 24/7 access to hundreds of lists & planning pages for 1 full year
  • 16 ePlanners to download to your computer, type into, and print the pages you want
  • magnetic grocery list notepads that you can hang on your refrigerator, note items you need as you need them, and save money at the grocery store
  • custom pages to give you an instant resource for your business or website with your own logo or contact information

So join us here on Monday, February 1, for a month filled with some great lists and lots of great ListPlanIt products to win.


2 responses to “list of reasons to visit listplanit each weekday in february”

  1. Kym says:

    List Mama
    I love your lists but can’t afford a membership so winning one would be a wonderful godsend.
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas and wonderful lists.

  2. Debbie Pendell says:


    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’ll pass this on on Twitter as well.



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