list of resources for giving the perfect gifts

In order to get the best deals and to find some creative ideas for gift-giving, there are several places I got to find the best options:

list of resources for giving the perfect gifts |

  1. Main Street (lots of fun, unique things can be found in your own downtown)
  2. Garage Sales (takes a bit of work and time, but some great deals to be had)
  3. (great prices, quick service, huge selection, free shipping with $25 purchase)
  4. Newspaper (classifieds or calendar of events for tickets to concert or sporting event)
  5. Online Boutiques (there are lots of small business boutiques that sell quality items at reasonable prices)
  6. (for every kind of handmade creation)
  7. Charitable Gift Catalog ( or are examples)
  8. Gift Certificates (to your favorite store or website)
  9. (tremendous selection, great deals to be had)
  10. (lets your kids create a wish list that you can work to fulfill)

For a chance to win a Birthday ePlanner from, please leave a comment with one of your most memorable childhood moments.

7 responses to “list of resources for giving the perfect gifts”

  1. Phm925 says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was the year my grandparents made me a large doll case for my doll collection.  I was so surprised and grateful for all their hard work.

  2. Terri says:

    My Dad took my sister and I to cut down a Christmas tree. Our pick!

  3. says:

    Hi List Mama!

    Thank you for including MYKIDS in your list!! I appreciate that!


  4. list mama says:

    Using to randomly find a winner, the new owner of a Birthday ePlanner from is. . .


  5. gina says:

    It’s funny how many moments of your own childhood you flash back on -good and bad- when you are a mom. My SIL was just telling me how my niece was bummed she was about an inch too short to drive the go karts at a fair they went to. It reminded me about the time I was seven and to short to drive the bumper cars. My dad convinced the guy running the ride to let me on. I wasn’t even out on the track yet (because I couldn’t reach the pedal- I was looking down trying to find it) when I got slammed and my face bounced of the (padded-TG!)steering wheel and knocked my front tooth out. The guy running the ride almost had a heart attack, but my dad told him it was loose anyways (It wasn’t but it was a baby tooth at least!) LOL. I guess I’ll never forget it- even though it wasn’t particularly a “good” moment. Boy, do I miss my Dad.

  6. bigbinder says:

    Oh my!! I just saw your comment in my Spam Queue. Naughty spam queue! You are a goldmine! Thank you for stopping by, I am so excited to find your list-loving blog!!

  7. Mara B. says:

    My mom stayed at home with us kids most of the time, but there were a few years that she worked outside of the home. She worked at a deli in the local grocery store.

    One year she got injured at work and they paid her a good sum of money as compensation. While I hated that she got hurt, it gave my parents extra money to spend at Christmas.

    Previously, my parents just got us small things because money was always tight. That year, they bought us things we had wanted for a long time. I got a “Dancing Ken” doll, which tells you how long ago this was. LOL

    My sister and I each got clothes for our Barbie dolls for Christmas, which we’d never had before. Mom had always made them.


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