list of steps to creating your summer central binder

If you have a home management binder or a holiday binder, then you know how useful it can be to have a central place to keep calendars and information.  Having a place to prepare for the busy summer can be just as useful.  A summer central binder works as both a guide and a workbook for upcoming plans and as a record of experiences and a reference for future summers.  Finding a permanent and convenient home for all lists,planning pages, and information concerning the summertime is a great idea.  After you gather the necessary supplies, and assemble your binder, keep it in a handy location so it can be referred to quickly and changed or added to as needed.

Make summer planning a snap when you purchase the 100 Days of Summertime eBook.  You’ll find activities, reminders, and ideas to make summertime a breeze.  The eBook conveniently contains a workbook of 34 printable lists/planning pages that can be printed or typed into.

list of steps to creating your summer central binder |

Here are some of the components most vital to summer central binder.

  • Gather your Supplies
    • 3-ring binder
    • some tabbed dividers with pockets
    • a zippered pouch
    • and a ream of printer paper
    • a 3-hole punch
    • pens
  • Divide your Summer Central Binder into Sections 
    • Calendars
    • Activities
    • Meals
    • Travel
    • Kids
    • Home
  • Add your Lists and Planning Pages
    • Calendars for May, June, July, and August
    • Summertime To Do List
    • Holiday Planning Lists
    • Party Planning Lists
    • Rainy Day Activities
    • Summer Responsibilities List(s)
    • Travel Budget
    • Packing List(s)
    • Accommodations Planner
    • Summer Camp Contact List
    • Summer Camp Checklist
    • Summer Meals
    • Summer Projects
  • Include Additional Resources
    • Magazine articles
    • craft ideas
    • recipes
    • pictures of decorations

Are you prepared for summer? What do you include in your summer central binder?

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