list of steps to sharing photos with friends and family on the internet

Jun, 03 Memories

Organizing, editing and sharing pictures electronically makes keeping track of your memories that much easier. There are a number of different sites that can help you do this. So whether you are new to this idea or looking to change up your current practice, be sure to check out the sites on for more information on most of the photo-sharing websites available.

list of steps to sharing photos with friends and family on the internet |

  • Do your research
    • Decide what is important to you before you sign up at one of these websites. For example, is privacy important? is the ability to make photo gifts important? will you be ordering prints? do you want others to be able to find your photos quickly and easily? do you want to be able to edit your photos?  List the pros and cons of each website (ListPlanIt members can print Decision Planner from Time Management to help make a list.).
  • Choose a website
    • There are so many websites out there that it can all feel so overwhelming. However, once you’ve weighed your options and have decided on a website, simply signup and begin the process. Be sure to note your username and password and keep them handy.
  • Get organized
    • Don’t just upload your photos willy-nilly.  Decide on a system of folders that works for you: by person, by date, by location, by event.
  • Tag photos
    • If you tag the people in your photos, it will make finding photos with that person easier.
  • Share your share
    • If you choose to share your photos with friends and family, you can let them know about them through an email with a link to your photos or by a link on Facebook or Twitter or by posting a link on your personal or family blog.

What site do you use to share your photos?


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