list of things i want to remember about 6-year-old campbell

Today, my first baby turns 7 years old. That sounds so strange. How is it possible that that first tiny little bundle I brought home from the hospital in a daze is now 7 years old? This post is going out early in the morning, so I won’t have seen her as a 7-year-old yet, but there are a few things I want to remember forever about 6-year-old Campbell.
list of things i want to remember about 6-year-old campbell |
  1. She scored 3 goals in soccer this year.
  2. She was the cutest little witch for Halloween.
  3. She has started to really love singing to music. Music class is her favorite “special” at school.
  4. She is my little “project” girl. She loves to draw and do craft projects.
  5. She is always telling me that we need to “make a list”. Wonder where she got that from?
  6. She had her first sleepover.
  7. She wanted her long hair cut so she could send it to Locks of Love.
  8. She was finally able to take a joke from her Daddy.
  9. She learned to juggle scarves for her first grade talent show when her Mommy, sadly, didn’t really think she could do it.
  10. She has started to take on more responsibility at home (granted, she expects 25 cents each time), but she does chores willingly.

Happy 7th Birthday, Campbell! I am so proud of who you are!!

4 responses to “list of things i want to remember about 6-year-old campbell”

  1. Heather says:

    My oldest is turning 5 next week and this is a great idea for a scrapbook page just before her birthday! I can’t believe how fast they get so old.

  2. Elliott - 21st Century Dad says:

    Happy Birthday Campbell. 7 years feels like forever. My baby girl just turned 1. It’s only a matter of time before she breaks my heart because she’s growing up.

  3. (fairy) Godmother says:

    Happy Birthday Campbell! Time really flies when you are having fun, doesn’t it? It was fun… well most of it, right?!!!

  4. Dominique says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet darling. What an achievement she has for such a tender age. For me I just can’t wait for my kids who are 1and 4 to grow up :)


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