list of things my 5-year-old boy loves

Do you have a young child, or looking for gift ideas for a young child?  All kids have their own interests, but this list of what my little boy likes is, in my opinion, pretty typical of most children his age.

list of things my 5-year-old boy loves |

1.Reptiles (living ones like snakes and alligators)

2.Reptiles (extinct ones like any kind of dinosaur)

3.Insects (the creepier, the better)

4.Monsters (preferably the kind that growl)

5.Magical Creatures (dragons, Harry Potter, anything from Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide)

6.Drawing (especially reptiles, bugs, monsters, and magical creatures)

7.His Sisters (one older and one younger) (a website that his Aunt Trina recently told us about)

9.Special (dessert, or “Feffle” as his 2-year-old sister calls it)

10.Digging in Dirt (looking for worms or bugs, even snakes!)

Happy Birthday to my best boy!I’m so proud of you!

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