list of things to do before the end of summertime

We still have time before summer ends, but with the start of school around the corner, I am already feeling the summer days dwindle away. Before we dive headfirst into packing lunches, getting everyone up and ready for the bus on time, and organizing afterschool activities, take some time to think about what you and your family have wanted to do all summer and haven’t gotten around to yet. Then, GO DO IT!

list of things to do before the end of summer |

• Have a picnic.
• Stop at a nearby park or trail for an impromptu romp.
• Stay up and catch lightning bugs.
• Have a backyard water balloon fight or try this water piñata idea.
• Build an enormous sand castle.
• Make your kids breakfast in bed.
• Go for a family bike ride.
• Make sun tea.
• Have a family hula hoop contest.
• Body surf.
• Crank the music and have an outside dance party.
• Go to a baseball game.
• Cook-out dinner over a campfire…don’t forget the s-mores.
• Make home-made popsicles.
• Have a water melon seed spitting contest.
• Watch the sunset.
• Climb a tree.
• Go fishing.
• Star-gaze.
• Go barefoot all day.
• Have a yard sale.
• Go to a drive-in movie.
• Sleep in a tent (even in your backyard or living room).
• Make time for family game night.
• Watch a movie you loved as a kid (we just watched Shirley Temple in HEIDI).
• Take a road trip.
• Write your child a love letter.

What is still on your to-do list this summer?

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One response to “list of things to do before the end of summertime”

  1. […] Around our office, a common theme these days is, “Where did the summer go?” The school year is coming, free time is dwindling, and there are so many “fun” things we planned to do, but didn’t have time to get to. Annie Young says the solution is simple: Make a list, set some priorities, and “go do it!” She has 27 items on her list, which should be enough to get anyone thinking. Body surfing and baseball both sound good, but personally, I’ll probably skip the Shirley Temple movie. (List Planit) […]


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