list of things to remember before leaving home for a vacation

When I am getting ready for a big trip, my mind is full of things to remember like packing my daughter’s blanket, buying fun snacks for the plane, putting wet wipes in the glove compartment, checking with my husband so see if he packed what he needs (on our last trip he packed his own suitcase and when we arrived at our 100 degree destination, realized he had forgotten to pack any shorts!!). In all of this mindfulness of what I need to remember to BRING, I often forget what I need to do at home before we leave. Here are a few things for your to do list before travel.

list of things to remember before leaving home for a vacation |

  • Put your mail on hold
    • It is super easy to do online now at the United States Postal Service website. Just enter your dates to be held and decide whether you will pick it up or have it all delivered the day you come home. I personally LOVE going through the huge stack of mail after we have been away.
  • Suspend your newspaper delivery
    • Or arrange for a neighbor to pick it up
  • Arrange for your pets
    • Do you need to call the kennel to reserve a place for your dog?
    • Could a neighbor come in every few days and feed your cat?
    • We use a Vacation Feeder in our fish tank so they have food the whole time we are away
  • Use a timer for your lights
    • You can set your lights on timer so it appears that someone is at home each night
  • Reacquaint yourself with your landline telephone’s remote access procedure and passcode
    • Many phones have the capability to allow you to retrieve messages by calling in from another phone
    • I keep a copy of our phone’s directions and passcode in my wallet
  • Pay bills
    • Make sure you know if any bills are due while you are away and pay for them ahead of time or set them up for a scheduled payment.
  • Lock all door and windows
    • Seems like a no-brainer…but still something to add to your to-do list.
  • Turn your heat or air conditioning and adjust your water heater settings
  • Unplug all electric devices
    • TVs, stereos, computers, alarm clocks
  • Remove perishable food from your refrigerator
    • My kids love the eat-everything- in-the-refrigerator- meal the night before we leave.

What is your to-do list before leaving your home for a vacation?

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  1. Sk24a says:

    remove coffee filter and garbage ;)


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