list of thoughts as a new work-out-of-the-home mama

It has been a couple of months now since I began to work in the outside world again. In the beginning, there was a lot of juggling, but now that we’ve gotten into some new routines, things are starting to be comfortable. In fact, I am feeling great! I dragged my heels about working. The only reason I even began to really consider it at this stage was because my husband was unemployed for several months. Here are some reflections on the state of things right now.

list of thoughts as a new work-out-of-the-home mama |

  1. I shower EVERYDAY. I also put on makeup. I wear clothing that I have not had a chance to wear in 7 years.
  2. I can put my kids on the bus in the morning and then get them off in the afternoon each day. That was important to me.
  3. My little Claire (who will be 4 in May) is my only child that has ever had to have childcare. This is been the hardest part for me. She is doing pretty well, but it has been the biggest transition for her.
  4. My dishes are always done in the morning and before bed (unlike when I was at home).
  5. My house stays clean during the day.
  6. I spend the bulk of working hours in a quiet office, at a comfortable pace.
  7. It is more of a challenge to try and balance family and work. When kids have a dentist appointment or get sick, it is not so easy to fit the pieces together.
  8. I am worried about what it feel like to be cooped up in an office on a beautiful spring or summer day.
  9. It still astounds me that I am doing as much work as I always did, but now I get a paycheck.
  10. Half of it goes to childcare.

3 responses to “list of thoughts as a new work-out-of-the-home mama”

  1. Elle says:

    Sounds like you’re very organized, which really helps. I’ve started working part time while the kids are at school and like being here when they get off of the bus. It’s hard when one of them is sick and I need to stay home with them.

  2. Ann says:

    I spent 16 years as a stay-home-mom. The next eight years were spent at a part time job where I could come in late, leave early. I am now full time 8-5, but the kids are gone. It does take some compromise, mostly, in order to maintain sanity you have to lower your standards. I don’t know what those women who “have it all” are talking about. You can have some of everything, but you can’t have it all. Compromises are the only way to go. Good luck!!

  3. T with Honey says:

    Looks like you’ve done a really great job of finding a rhythm that works for you and your family.

    And I so understand about dentist appts and such. Trying to schedule around work and school, not losing your mind when appts run late, it is amazing how one little office visit can add so much stress to your day.


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