list of unique gift ideas for the holidays

We are only nine weeks from Christmas, and if you are following along with then you know that it is time to think about gift-giving and to start making your gift lists.  For a large selection of wish lists, gift lists, gift inventories, card lists, etc, check out Holidays & Occasions or the soon-to-be updated Holiday ePlanner.

The challenge to finding a memorable gift for your family and friends is that it should be meaningful without breaking the bank. So as you make your lists of gifts to be given, take a moment to think about the personality and interests of the recipient.  If you are stuck, keep on reading for some fun and unique ideas.

List of Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas |

  • For your spouse or your family.   The gift of an experience is far more fulfilling than anything in a stocking. So look around your area, perhaps there is somewhere new or different that offers an experience you can gift. An indoor adventure park, an outdoor ropes course or winter tubing. Somewhere that offers zip lines or an outdoor concert are also great ideas. These are perfect for a husband or wife to give one another, or to a couple you know would appreciate the gesture. Perhaps, even throw in a ‘gift certificate’ for babysitting. It’s a great wedding gift too. Here is an example of a year of prepaid dates.
  • For the cook in your life.   How about some useful kitchen items such as oven mitts and aprons?
    • Check out these fun cupcake shaped oven mitts.
    • Or a great selection of aprons for adults and kids.
  • For a girlfriend who loves wine.   These hand-painted wine glasses in an animal print are a thoughtful gesture.  I have a friend who loves her copy of The Wine Club for learning more about wines and pairings.
  • For a fun gift to family friends.  Something they aren’t likely to have is the unexpected buoy bat.  Makes a fun toy or a handsome decoration.  Don’t you love gifts that multi-task?
  • For the gardener in your life.  Give the gift of growing your own.  My favorite site for seeds is Pinetree Garden Seeds. They sell properly portioned and perfectly priced seed packets. Or give them the gift of something perennial like asparagus, it grows every year in the spring. A bunch of strawberry plants would be lovely, too.
  • For frequent snail mailers.  Custom return address stamps are great for someone who has just moved, recently changed their name, or commonly sends holiday cards.  A similar but more personal idea is to print blank cards for friends or family using photos. Here are some photo ideas: your grandmother’s garden, a favorite backdrop from home, a an artistic creation, or an old family portrait. Use any online photo site like Shutterfly or Snapfish to create something personal. One of my favorite birthday cards to my daughter featured a family on the cover holding a sign that said “Happy Birthday!”.
  • For an inexpensive, but meaningful gift.  Consider a photo. Plan to bring your camera to Thanksgiving dinner and create a DIY photo booth.  Pull couples or families aside to snap a picture. Don’t show it to them and surprise them with it for the holidays.
  • For the hard-to-buy-for.   Clean burning 100% soy wax candles in unique scents like Sage Lemongrass, Citrus Basil, Lilac, and Maine Evergreen.  The snowmen candles are my favorite

What unique gifts have you given?  Share in the comments below.

One response to “list of unique gift ideas for the holidays”

  1. Leslie says:

    I think charity gifts are great too and very meaningful. Heifer International is a really good organization to consider. I once gave my husband a flock of geese ( for his birthday since we try to do a charitable gift for our birthdays. Even though it was for his birthday, it would be a perfect Chrismas gift.


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