list of useful contacts to keep in your home management binder

Your family’s Home Management Binder should include useful, organized pages where you can keep all of the contact information for the people and places that you call the most. Here are some pages for you to consider adding to your Home Management Binder:

list of useful contacts to keep in your home management binder |

  • Favorite restaurants (include notes about your family’s favorite dishes)
  • Neighbors (you never know when you might need the people around you to let the dog out when you are stuck in traffic or check on an older child when you are out of town or borrow some sugar)
  • School (for sick days and questions for the teacher)
  • Babysitters (include contact info, pay rate, days/hours of availability)
  • Doctors (including dentists, eye drs, and each member of your family’s doctor)
  • Mechanic (good mechanics are hard to find!)
  • Hair Salon (don’t go for weeks because you don’t feel like finding the number to make an appointment)
  • Church (include names of the people you would likely need to talk to)
  • Utilities Companies (electricity, gas, telephone, cell phone, trash, internet, cable)
  • Library / Post Office (list hours of operation and other details you might need to know)

You can find pages to record all of the above in Contact Information or in Contacts ePlanner from

Whose contact information do you find it most useful to keep in a convenient place?

4 responses to “list of useful contacts to keep in your home management binder”

  1. list mama says:

    Using to randomly find a winner, the new owner of a Contacts ePlanner from is. . .


  2. momto4kidsny says:

    Who do I call the most often? Well being that I have weekly…sometimes daily chats with the inlaws online. It comes to a toss up between my mother and the school. So I would have to say the school because there is always something I have to call about! And it would be in my best interest to write down all the numbers listed here as they are programed in my phone and there have been many times I have gone to make a call only to find the battery dead. Then I’m lost!
    Feel free to direct your sister my way. I’m sure my blog and it’s archives have info in it that may help her!

  3. Grondahl Family says:

    I call my mother more than anyone! She always has some sage advice for me. I guess I call my bank a bit as well.

  4. Mara B. says:

    I don’t call them often, but one number that I have to have access to is my bank.

    The number I call most is my husband’s cell phone, then my parents that live out of state. Oh, yeah, I call my husband’s parents house, too.


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