list of ways to celebrate the first day of spring

Here in Maine, Spring is a celebration of survival from the winter months. We have just spent 3 very challenging months buried in the snow.  New life has begun or will begin soon.  There is much to begin to consider, prepare, and accomplish in the upcoming seasons.

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list of ways to celebrate the first day of spring |

  • Prepare egg dishes & share them with friends.
  • Decorate your home with spring flowers.
  • Wear green, the color of life.
  • Begin a new project.
  • Have a picnic (indoors or out).
  • Wax poetic about the beauty of spring.
  • At sundown, turn on music to dance in the spring sunlight.
  • Start seedlings indoors or out.
  • Take a “first day of spring” hike.
  • Decorate eggs.

What will you do to celebrate the first day of spring? What significance does it have in your neck of the woods?

One response to “list of ways to celebrate the first day of spring”

  1. Sam says:

    Let’s not forget Springtime Bonfire after cleaning up scrap wood around the yard.


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