list of ways to show teacher appreciation

Teachers can make a real difference in the lives of our children. Take a moment to think about a special teacher who has touched your life. What do you wish you could tell them now.  We have been blessed with some amazing teachers for our children. They have made a real impact on shaping our educational journey and I am grateful for them.

list of ways to show teacher appreciation |

May is typically a month where schools have a teacher appreciation day or week. Whether you are doing some of these things yourself or bringing them up to your parent group, there are a lot of great ways to show your teachers just how much they are  appreciated!

  • Have a week of special teacher appreciation events.
    • Each day put something special in teachers’ mailboxes.
    • Survey teachers beforehand to find out their favorite fruit, salty snack, hot beverage and candy.
  • Host an ice cream social for staff.
  • Create your own Walk of Fame for your teachers.
    • Get a piece of donated red carpet or put red butcher paper down in the entry hall.
    • Make gold stars with a teacher’s name on each, and have the school meet the teachers as they arrive one morning.
  • Host an afternoon tea for staff.
  • Bring in someone to give manicures and pedicures.
  • Perform Random Acts of Kindness.
    • Have your teacher’s classroom windows washed or paint a bookshelf.
  • Have a massage therapist available to give 5 minute seated massages.
  • Write it up
    • Buy space in a local newspaper to thank teachers in your school and share some of the wonderful things they do.
  • Set up a teacher appreciation box.
    • Parents and children can write letters to staff…then deliver them.
  • Use parent volunteers to help cover teacher’s recess/lunch duties.
  • Post a “WE LOVE OUR TEACHERS” banner inside or outside school.
    • And let students write their own notes on it.
  • Plan an end-of-the-day stress relief game such as volleyball or softball.
    • Provide free snacks and refreshments.
  • Decorate and “spruce up” the teacher’s room over night as a surprise.
  • A Living Tribute
    • Plant a tree on the school grounds in honor of that year’s teachers.
  • Staff Car Wash
    • Offer to wash staff cars while they work.
  • Say it Aloud
    • Have students share why their teacher is special each day of the week over the loudspeaker.

How do you show your teacher appreciation for all that they do you for your family?

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