Lists for Memorial Day Planning

Memorial Day is Monday, May 25, this year in the U.S.  Memorial Day means visits to the cemetery to visit loved ones who’ve passed, tributes to soldiers and sailors who have died defending our country, and a day off from work to spend time with family and friends.  The official 100 days of summertime starts about Memorial Day and it is the unofficial kick-off to a full summer.

ListPlanIt has all the lists you might need to prepare you for the holiday weekend.  Members can browse our selection of lists, choose the list they need, edit it the way that makes sense for themselves and their families, and come back to the list again and again as needed. Not yet a member?  Join today and get organized for all things summer and family life.

Lists for Planning Memorial Day |
Here are some lists to aid you in your Memorial Day weekend planning.

  • Party Menu (Contact Info) – Plan the menu for a Memorial Day picnic or barbecue.  Know exactly what you need and what you still need to get at the store or from guests.
  • Party Fun Worksheet (Holidays & Occasions) – Yard games, card games, and entertainment are all part of the fun.  Make a tentative plan to keep guests (especially any young guests) entertained.
  • Shopping Checklist (Home Management) – Put all the necessary supplies that you need here on this list.  Ensure that you don’t forget any essential items and can get the things you need in as few trip as possible.
  • Potluck Planner (Meal Planning) – Decide who is bringing what to the next potluck, whether in your home or at the park.  Keep track of names and dishes so you have everything you need for a great meal with friends &/or family.
  • Timeline (Time Management) – Create a timeline of your busiest day(s) over the holiday.  Include the times and steps that are crucial for hosting a gathering or attending events or visiting with family.
  • Weekend Planner (Time Management) – If the bulk of your activities lie in Saturday and Sunday, use the Weekend Planner to get the most out of your time.
  • Camper/RV Packing List (Travel Planning) – If your goal is to get away from it all for the long weekend, then camping is the way to go.  Remember all of the essentials like coffee, pillows, marshmallows, toilet paper, and anything else you might need to make your trip most enjoyable.

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