New Feature Announcement: List Search

I am excited to announce a new feature to members that will really make finding the lists you need lists much easier. Until now, the only way to search for a possible list is to browse through the categories of lists. You can add a list to My Lists, but if you have very many lists, then that list can get lost in the shuffle.

Now, you can search for the list you need both in Browse and in My Lists!

For example, maybe you are looking for a good party planning worksheet for Memorial Day coming up.  Before you had to go to Holidays & Occasions and scroll through until you found what you wanted.  Now, you can visit the Browse page, put “party planning” in the search box, and it will bring up all the lists with party planning in the title or in the description.

New Feature Announcement: List Search in Browse |

Easy!  Let’s say you have already saved a list and want to go back and make some changes to it.  You could visit My Lists and scroll through all of them, or you can just enter the name of the list in the search box and find it much quicker.

New Feature Announcement: List Search in My Lists |

These are changes long in coming, but we’re excited to have some more basic functionality now available to members.

Lists are about saving time, right?  The new search plus the recent ability to create My Folders allows you to reach the lists you need more quickly and more efficiently.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new list search feature. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at [email protected]

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