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I am excited to announce a new feature to members that will really make organizing your lists much easier. Until now, there has been no good way to organize the lists that you create in your account. Take a look at the screen, where I’ve set up an example of how to use the new My Folder feature to organize your lists.

Let’s start in My Lists. Here, I’ve added a few lists that I have modified for my own purposes. However, if I were to add a few more lists, many of these lists that you see on the screen would end up at the bottom. Out of sight and out of mind.

Let’s say you have a vacation coming up this summer and you’d like to create some lists to help you organize your trip. Now, when you create those lists, you have the option to store them in a folder that will make the lists easier to find and easier to access and will keep everything together in one handy spot.

Let me show you how it works. Let’s say I’m taking a family vacation this summer to Hawaii (a girl can dream, right?). There are quite a few lists that I would need to make in order to plan and prepare for a big trip like this. The first step I would take is to create a folder in which I could store those lists.

You can see My Folders has been added to the menu bar. Let’s click on that. As you can see, I don’t have any folders yet, but I’m going to create a folder called Hawaii Vacation 2015. If I view that folder, it tells me I have no lists but I can start adding lists right away.

You can only add lists to your folder from My Lists. I’ll choose Packing Checklist Complete by clicking on Options, and then edit. Now, I can choose the folder to which I’d like to add the list. Click Save then go back to My Folders and the list can now easily be found in Hawaii Vacation 2015.

To add more vacation lists, simply browse for lists {click Browse}, head straight to Travel Planning, choose a list that would help you plan your Hawaii Vacation, add the list to My Lists, and then add it to a new or existing folder in My Folders. It’s easy!

You can create as many folders as you’d like. Some more ideas for folders to store your lists are Summer Meal Planning, Susie’s Graduation, Business or Family Finances, Chore Charts, Work to dos, Home to dos, even Names of the people in your family. The options are limitless!

I hope you’ll enjoy organizing your lists into folders. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at [email protected]

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