Spring Cleaning Lists for Every Room in your Home

Spring officially begins tomorrow!  Whether or not it feels like spring in your neck of the woods (we are still snow-covered here in Maine), the lengthening days and warmer temps may be starting to ease you into more activity.  The sunlight may be casting its rays over dusty surfaces that weren’t noticeable a month ago.  Your eyes may be opened to piles of stuff that you had collected and said you would get to it eventually.  Once you start to feel that trickle of motivation, I suggest you take hold and wield it while you can.

Spring Cleaning Lists | ListPlanIt.com

ListPlanIt has what you need to guide you through each room of your home and inspire you toward a cleaner, more organized spring home with our thorough Spring Cleaning Checklists.  And if natural cleaners are your thing, than here is a list of recipes for cleaning supplies that you can make with effective, household ingredients.

What tips do you have to share to inspire us to spring clean?  Please leave a comment below.

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