Steps for Preparing for a Roadtrip

A family vacation is something to dream about, to look forward to, and to spend many hours preparing for.  When the whole family is involved, it is not wise and not affordable to just “wing it”.  There are so many details that add or contribute to one’s comfort, safety, and fun.  Lists are the key to proper preparation when planning a family vacation.

Steps for Preparing for a Vacation or Roadtrip |

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Here are some steps to help you prepare for an upcoming roadtrip.

  • Plan a Budget
    • Accommodations
    • Gas/Tolls
    • Food
    • Activities
    • Souvenirs/Gifts
  • Get the Car Serviced
    • Oil change
    • Fluids filled
    • Tires checked
    • Check wipers
  • Clean the Car
    • Clean windows
    • Vacuum
    • Wipe interior
  • Plan your Itinerary
    • Destination(s)
    • Stop(s)
  • Visit the Library
    • Return books
    • Pick up books/media for trip
  • Accumulate Food/Drinks for the Road
    • Popcorn
    • Trail mix
    • Water bottles
    • Gallon of water
  • Gather Materials for Entertainment
    • Books
    • Videos
    • Activity books
    • Clipboard and paper
    • Writing/art implements
  • Outfit the Car
    • GPS/maps
    • Trash can
    • Emergency kit
    • Paper towels/wet wipes
    • Blanket (for warmth &/or to eat on)
    • Cooler
    • Up to Date Insurance/Registration
    • Travel comforts: pillow, neck pillow, blanket, etc.
  • Pack Suitcase(s)
    • Consider weather
    • Pack lightly
  • Pack an Overnight Bag
    • For hotel stays
    • For daytrips
  • Get Cash for Tolls
  • Stop Mail
  • Arrange for pets
    • Kennel
    • Petsitting
    • Bring pet along
  • Ask a neighbor for help watering plants and checking on your home
  • Pack electronics
    • Phone(s)
    • Personal devices (laptop, tablet, iPod)
    • Camera
    • Chargers

Find more lists in printable PDF format in Travel Planning.

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