Summer Organizing Tips

Between higher gas prices, wedding presents, graduation parties, 4th of July picnics, summer activities, and vacations, who has the time or money to organize? It may seem like a bad time to get it all done. But it can be done! Organizing doesn’t have to take forever or cost you a lot of money. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Summer Organizing Tips

summer organizing tips

Take it a few minutes at a time. If you don’t have a lot of time, then utilize the small pockets of time you do have. Waiting at the doctor’s office? Clean out your purse while you wait. Binge watching on Netflix? Go through some file folders in your drawer or empty out the magazine basket. During commercial breaks, empty out the fridge or organize the pantry. Whatever you chose to do, find something small to organize that is quick and will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Shop your house. Don’t want to spend a fortune to organize the closet? Go shopping in your house. If you have wood scraps from previous projects, use three pieces to create a free-standing shelf to better utilize wasted shelf space. Are your hair accessories a jumble? Use a ribbon, old belt, or something similar that hangs to clip your barrettes and keep them separated. You can even use an extra hanger to separate ribbons. Do you have random screw and nails? They make great hooks for light weight items. Are there empty baskets, containers, or shoe boxes? These can function as low-cost pull-out drawers. Would you like to find something in the junk drawer? Create drawer dividers with card board, wood, empty plastic containers, check books, etc.

Keep frequently used items handy. Go to the pool every day? Keep the bag packed with all your essentials. Not only are they organized, they are ready to go right at your finger tips. No more running around looking for a clean towel or sunscreen. Even better, keep things like sunscreen, bug spray, and aloe in a separate pouch. This way if you need it to head to the park or on vacation, you can grab the pouch and go!

Have dedicated drop zones. This goes hand in hand with your every day packed essentials. You need a place to store them! Not just thrown by the front door. This will help cut the clutter and also prevent you from constantly tripping over things! Use a bench or a hook to keep bags off the floor.

Don’t stress. Summer is all about recharging, relaxing, and spending time with the family. If you do a little bit at a time and come up with a routine, everything will fall into place!

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