Thanksgiving Countdown Checklist

Thanksgiving is just 9 days away!  Whether or not you have done any planning, there is plenty to do to prepare for the big day.  You may be hosting the meal in your home, pitching in for a family gathering in someone else’s home, or preparing to travel over the holiday weekend.  All of which require quite no small amount of forethought and preparation.


Thanksgiving Checklist |

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Here is a checklist for each day leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

  • Tuesday, 11/19:  Order fresh turkey or buy frozen turkey. Create Thanksgiving menu.
  • Wednesday, 11/20: Create Thanksgiving shopping list. Buy non-perishables.
  • Thursday, 11/21: Clean windows. Create a cooking timeline for Thanksgiving dishes.
  • Friday, 11/22: Cook ahead and freeze whatever possible. Dust.
  • Saturday, 11/23: ron table linens. Polish silverware. Wipe dusty place settings. Set frozen turkey in refrigerator to thaw.
  • Sunday, 11/24: Clean out the refrigerator/freezer. Change sheets on beds, if you are expecting houseguests.
  • Monday, 11/25: Buy perishables. Clean bathrooms.
  • Tuesday, 11/26: Mop kitchen/dining room floors. Make cranberry sauce.
  • Wednesday, 11/27: Make pies. Set the table. Vacuum. Brine the turkey (if applicable).
  • Thursday, 11/28: Stuff turkey or prepare stuffing (I make mine in a slow cooker). Roast turkey according to instructions/weight of bird. Chill drinks. Make whipped cream. Make gravy when turkey is ready. Enjoy family. Relax. Laugh. Make memories.

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