List of Holidays & Occasions for the 2014 Holiday Season

With back to school behind us, the most beautiful, yet busiest season of the whole year is ahead of us. The next three months will be filled with brainstorming, creating, cooking, eating, visiting, decorating, and celebrating. Take a moment to go to your planner or calendar pages and jot down or circle these important dates.  Go […]

100 Days to Christmas Begins Today!

Today, September 16, is exactly 100 days before Christmas. Many of you will jump up and down with excitement at the prospect of another holiday season approaching.   Some of you may suck in your breath with shock and wonder how you’ll have the strength to make it through another year.  Either way, is just what […]

Reasons to Join the 100 Days to Christmas 2014

Sep, 09 100 Days

100 Days to Christmas is not just about planning for Christmas each and every day.  That would get old and would be overwhelming.  The idea is, however, that by starting early in thinking about tasks, you’ll start earlier in your planning.  By starting in September, we are able to take it slow and incorporate the […]


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