list of steps to preparing for an out-of-town conference

Conferences have become a great way to meet and mingle with a group of people who have similar interests and pursuits. If you have a business, they are also a great way to let those people know of the benefits of your products or services. Twitter is frequently abuzz with conference-goers extolling the virtues of […]

Jan, 25

list of steps to preparing for back to school

With school starting soon and summer vacation in its final phase, it is time get serious about preparing yourself and your child for back to school. Whether your child is beginning his first year of Kindergarten or his Senior year, there are a few things that must be done before the first big day. Members […]

Aug, 07

ePlanners download instantly

An ePlanner is an electronic, PDF version of categories of lists and planning pages found on that you can download to your computer (most for just $7) and use today—no need to pay for shipping! Your favorite lists are delivered right to your computer in minutes!  Type into the page and save it, or […]

Mar, 13

list of movies about students

I love movies! Movies set in school tend to be very inspirational. Sometimes they are just funny. They always give a nostalgic feeling and take me back to my own childhood. Here are my favorites: Lean on Me Dangerous Minds Freedom Writers Stand and Deliver Dead Poets’ Society Mr. Holland’s Opus School of Rock Grease […]

Jun, 13

list of things i wish i’d known before getting pregnant

I knew from the time I was a child that I wanted to have a baby. I couldn’t wait to feel that tiny body growing inside me. I couldn’t wait to touch its soft skin and smell its sweet baby smell. Like everything else in my life, I fantasize about all the positives and choose […]

Jun, 12

list of categories to inventory your meals

Menu planning can be so overwhelming, but if you’ll take just a few minutes to record your family’s meal choices, you eliminate the frustration of what to cook. If you list your foods by category, you’ll be able to design your menu by main ingredient/food type. Soups (my favorite in the fall/winter) Salads (great for […]

Jun, 11

list of useful contacts to keep in your home management binder

Your family’s Home Management Binder should include useful, organized pages where you can keep all of the contact information for the people and places that you call the most. Here are some pages for you to consider adding to your Home Management Binder: Favorite restaurants (include notes about your family’s favorite dishes) Neighbors (you never […]

Jun, 10

list of resources for giving the perfect gifts

In order to get the best deals and to find some creative ideas for gift-giving, there are several places I got to find the best options: Main Street (lots of fun, unique things can be found in your own downtown) Garage Sales (takes a bit of work and time, but some great deals to be […]

Jun, 09

list of steps to prepare for a move

Even from the first news that you’ll be moving, whether around the block or cross country, there is a lot that can be done to prepare for your move. I have moved 9 times in my married life – sometimes on our own and sometimes with a moving company. Either way, it is a whole […]

Jun, 07

list of funds to create when establishing a budget

For some things we pay regularly each month (i.e. mortgage, utilities, etc.). Other expenses we know will come up, but because they are not as regular, it is hard to know where they fit in the budget (e.g., car repairs, annual taxes, etc.). Members to ListPlanIt will find the lists they need to budget, live […]

Jun, 05


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