list of ways to carve out time for a hobby or pasttime

Have you ever longed for the days when you pursued something that was purely out of passion? Do you ever dream of opportunities to develop your talents and interests? Carving time outside of our normal duties of work, home, and family can sometimes feel impossible.  Despite the fact that you may find sincere satisfaction out […]

Apr, 06

list of hobbies or pasttimes to enrich your life

Being good at what you do – as an employee or boss,  spouse and/or parent – requires diligent work and many hours of your time and lives.  You may begin to feel as though this is all that you are.   You may feel that accountant or wife or stepmom defines you.  And while in some […]

Apr, 04

list of steps to preparing for an upcoming conference or trip

I had the lovely privilege of attending Mom 2.0 Summit last year when it was in Houston. This year’s conference is being held in the Crescent City. My husband and I lived right on the bank of the Mississippi in New Orleans for 3 years while he was attending Tulane Law School. We were poor, […]

Mar, 29

list of areas in life to analyze for goal-setting and improvement

The life of an adult is multi-faceted and complex.  It takes a lot of balls in the air to keep up this juggling act, and sometimes we let one (or more) slip.  That is what I love about a new year.  It is an opportunity to evaluate what areas of our lives matter at present, […]

Jan, 11

list of reasons to love the 5-minute mom’s club

Stephanie Vozza is the founder of a terrific website, chock-full of all things organizing, The Organized Parent.  And now she has written a fabulous book called The 5 Minute Mom’s Club.  Ever since I got my hands on a copy, I have been enjoying all of her insights and those of some pretty amazing contributors.  […]

Oct, 25

list of september to-dos

Today is the first day of the new school year for my community and family. It is an exciting time filled with enthusiasm and change. Kids have met their new teachers and now it is time to begin settling in to a new routine. I still have a lot of the same catch-up projects that […]

Aug, 31

list of things to add now to your summer planner

Although our school doesn’t let out for summer until June 17, I have already begun to plot out our burgeoning summer schedule.  Summer is about lazy days and soaking it all in, but achieving that can often only be done with a lot of preparation and planning.  Coordinating each member of your family’s needs and […]

Apr, 29

list of things moms want to do on the weekend

Think you are the only mom who wants to let her hair down a little on the weekend?  Not even close.  With the weekend upon us, and the last weekend of a hard-core winter month, it is only appropriate that we should want to truly consider what might benefit us the most this weekend.  For […]

Feb, 26

list of priorities for taking care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is often low on the list of priorities. We understand our roles as caretaker, bread winner, homemaker. As mates and parents, we often find ourselves in survival mode:  keeping everyone healthy and alive.  Survival of our own family is hard-wired so that we are constantly making sure that everyone is fed, […]

Feb, 04

list of things to do in under 30 minutes

Somedays, we have the feeling that there is just not enough time to get anything done in our homes or for ourselves.  Whether you are a stay-at-home mom with children to care for or a parent that works out of the home, maintaining a balance of home, family, and personal time is not easy.  Opportunities […]

Jan, 19

list of ways to celebrate a new year

January 1st is not just another regular day, but it is a symbol.  It represent second chances and fresh starts and learning curves.  As a kid, I didn’t understand that.  Now I see each start to a new year as an opportunity.  It was at this time of year that I conceived of the idea […]

Jan, 06

list of items to keep in your desk at work

I frequently find myself at work, wishing for things that would help to make me feel more confident and/or secure.  I am not talking about a bodyguard.  I mean items that I wish I had on me at that moment. Oh no.  My boss wants to meet with me in his office?  It’s so warm […]

Nov, 16

list of substitutions for soda drinkers

I don’t remember the first time I ever tasted Dr. Pepper, but I do know that I have loved drinking it ever since I was a little girl.  I used to beg my mom to drive me to the Stop ‘N Shop so that I could spend my allowance on a Dr. Pepper fountain drink.  […]

Sep, 28

list of ways to cool off in the summer

This summer, in Maine, the weather has been rainy and cold, but there have been a couple of days here and there where the temperatures were in the mid-80s and we thought we might die of heat!  Most of us here in the Northeast don’t have central air, but we might have a window unit […]

Aug, 03

list of things i love about july

Here in Maine, July is usually our first real month of summer.  Other places seem to have started summer long ago, but we are really just starting to feel the warmth of the sun.  Having such a short summer gives me the desire to want to make the most of it.  I want to squeeze […]

Jul, 07

list of steps to prepare for a 5K run

I have all my life been a fair-weather jogger. My dad was always a jogger. He was my first 5K race partner back in junior high. I ran track and cross-country in high school and even one year of college and feel grateful for such a background in my favorite form of exercise. What I […]

Apr, 14

list of my favorite stations on

If you have ever used, then you know what an amazing place to hear the music that you like best without any commercials for free right through your computer. I listen to it all day at work. I listen at home while I am working on ListPlanIt. The kids and I listen to it […]

Mar, 13

list of themes for an organized swap

I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs today, thinking about the “stuff” in my basement that is in need of a new home. I came across a post at Organized with Style that made me sit up and take note. She suggests an organized swap with friends in order to get rid of the […]

Jan, 24

list of things to do in the snow

Yesterday, we got over a foot of snow here in Maine. It snowed from sun up to sun down, and since we needed to go out in our cars today, we had to put the snowblower into action. While the drive and sidewalk were being cleared, the kids and I put on our warmest winter […]

Jan, 20

list of steps to take to get involved with usa service on monday, january 19

Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday and a great day to thank him for all the good he accomplished in his years of service to America and the world. Because of his courage in trying to promote equality among all men and all women, we enjoy a greater emphasis on an individual’s rights. He […]

Jan, 16

list of tips for sticking to your resolutions

‘Tis the season for making lists and setting goals. It is one thing to write a list of resolutions for the new year and quite another to take action. Here is a list of tips for sticking to your resolve and improving yourself, your surroundings, and your relationships. Don’t rely on your memory. Putting them […]

Jan, 08

list of my favorite christmas decorations

This morning, we brought up the 8 tubs that I use to store (almost) all of my Christmas decorations. The kids and I have been waiting for this for weeks! I laid it all out on my kitchen cabinets and then set about to redistribute it all throughout the house. Not an easy task! I […]

Nov, 28

list of reasons why mamas LOVE edward cullen

I finally took the plunge into Twilight mania. Everywhere I turned, there was the book or a poster of the movie that was to come. Last weekend, I took a bit of my birthday money and splurged on the paperback version of Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1). I read the book in just 4 […]

Nov, 24

list of reasons to LOVE stumbleupon

I recently discovered a new fun tool for exploring the internet. I did not take StumbleUpon as seriously as I should have until I felt the power of it myself. I had to see what this was all about. Here is what I have enjoyed so far. StumbleUpon is a great way to find the […]

Nov, 21

list of reasons election day was an emotional day

No matter who you were voting for and standing behind in the race for President, Super Tuesday was likely an emotional day for many Americans, and indeed for people around the world. Campaigns have been aimed at us for the past 2 years. They have been a huge part of our daily existence, and it […]

Nov, 04


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