list of effective time management strategies for busy families

Summer is a time of year when most families have fewer commitments and fewer reasons to pay close attention to the clock; however, September with its schedules, activities, appointments, and to dos, is here.   Time management is about making the most of your hectic schedules and making sure that everything that needs doing is getting done.  This […]

Sep, 03

List of September Priorities & To Dos

Today is the first day of the new school year for my community and family. It is an exciting time filled with enthusiasm and change. Kids have met their new teachers and now it is time to begin settling in to a new routine. I still have a lot of the same catch-up projects that […]

Aug, 28

Planning for End-of-Schoolyear Tasks, Activities, and Events

The end of the school year is fraught with activity. Keeping track of your family’s responsibilities and requirements can be a full-time job.  Record dates and times on your family calendar as soon as possible.  Be diligent to fill out permission slips and volunteer forms as soon as they land in front of you.  Keep […]

Mar, 21

list of steps to crafting an achievable checklist

Checklists are a crucial element to getting things done.  Whether you are creating a grocery list, planning a vacation, or completing daily tasks, composing a list beforehand will help to ensure your success.  With a little forethought and planning, you can utilize checklists in several areas of your life such as Financial Planning, Home Management, […]

Aug, 06

list of lists that come in handy in the month of June

June is more than halfway over.  School is out.  Summer officially begins tomorrow.  It feels like we’ve reached a point when we can finally kick back, relax more, and enjoy the great weather with friends and family.  However, it is simply the calm before the storm.  You may have exciting activities planned such as a […]

Jun, 19

list of ways to win your own summer central binder

This week, we published a post about how to use your 100 Days of Summertime eBook and create your own Summer Central Binder to make your summer planning simple and effective.  Today, we want to offer you a chance to win a customized binder of your own!  Plus, it will come with a printed, hole-punched copy of […]

May, 31

list of steps to creating your summer central binder

If you have a home management binder or a holiday binder, then you know how useful it can be to have a central place to keep calendars and information.  Having a place to prepare for the busy summer can be just as useful.  A summer central binder works as both a guide and a workbook […]

May, 29

list of dates &/or events to include on your mid-spring and summer calendars

Events and holidays throughout the year require a certain amount of preparation and planning.  That is certainly true of the upcoming spring and summer occasions.  The warmer weather means more outdoor entertaining and parties, gardening and landscaping, beginnings and endings.  Scroll down this list of dates and events, get out your calendars, and begin to […]

Apr, 26

list of reasons to hire a professional organizer for your organizing needs

I have just returned from Baltimore, where it was my very good fortune to have spent 3 days in the company of a host of professional organizers attending the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  We were there to show them the benefits and advantages of having hundreds of printable lists available to print or […]

Mar, 28

list of ways to use to prepare for spring

We’re not quite through February, but warm weather is fast approaching.  And with that weather comes certain events for which you may need to begin preparing now.  Using lists and checklists to help you accomplish the necessary tasks as early as possible is the key to stressless life events.  With hundreds of printable lists available […]

Feb, 27

list of steps to setting goals for the new year

When it comes to setting goals, it is easy to come up with a long list of improvements that you would like to make in your own life, your home, and/or your path.  However, just dreaming about changes often leaves you powerless to progress. Cultivating the initiative to take the steps you need to grow […]

Jan, 10

list of things to do post-Christmas 2011

Once again, mid-afternoon on Christmas day, I begin to see with things in a different light. The decorations that looked so pretty just a few days ago begin to look like clutter. There are toys, gift wrap, leftovers, and messes everywhere I turn.   I begin to scurry around, picking up things, sorting through things, […]

Dec, 26

list of tasks to include in your afternoon/evening routine

The afternoon and evening is often the trickiest time of day. Children may seem tired from a long day of learning and playing. However, there is still homework to consider, after school activities to taxi to and from, dinner to be made, and bedtimes to uphold. It may either feel like bedtime can’t come soon […]

Oct, 05

list of ways to carve out time for a hobby or pasttime

Have you ever longed for the days when you pursued something that was purely out of passion? Do you ever dream of opportunities to develop your talents and interests? Carving time outside of our normal duties of work, home, and family can sometimes feel impossible.  Despite the fact that you may find sincere satisfaction out […]

Apr, 06

list of areas in life to analyze for goal-setting and improvement

The life of an adult is multi-faceted and complex.  It takes a lot of balls in the air to keep up this juggling act, and sometimes we let one (or more) slip.  That is what I love about a new year.  It is an opportunity to evaluate what areas of our lives matter at present, […]

Jan, 11

list of reasons to love the 5-minute mom’s club

Stephanie Vozza is the founder of a terrific website, chock-full of all things organizing, The Organized Parent.  And now she has written a fabulous book called The 5 Minute Mom’s Club.  Ever since I got my hands on a copy, I have been enjoying all of her insights and those of some pretty amazing contributors.  […]

Oct, 25

list of steps to a successful weekly planning retreat

Once I read about Lindsey’s weekly planning retreat at her blog Passionate Homemaking, I was inspired.  Moms never feel like they have enough time to review finances, plan meals, schedule to dos, or prepare for birthdays and holidays plus do or delegate all of the regular tasks that are required to run a home and […]

Oct, 05

list of september to-dos

Today is the first day of the new school year for my community and family. It is an exciting time filled with enthusiasm and change. Kids have met their new teachers and now it is time to begin settling in to a new routine. I still have a lot of the same catch-up projects that […]

Aug, 31

list of things to do before the end of summer

You may be thinking, “The end of summer?  It is only the beginning of July!”  However, I know that once July is over, August brings thoughts of school supplies and new school clothes.  We will begin to think more about the season to come and less about enjoying what is left of the current season.  […]

Jul, 06

list of things to add now to your summer planner

Although our school doesn’t let out for summer until June 17, I have already begun to plot out our burgeoning summer schedule.  Summer is about lazy days and soaking it all in, but achieving that can often only be done with a lot of preparation and planning.  Coordinating each member of your family’s needs and […]

Apr, 29

get organized & gain thirty more minutes a day

Guest post by Sarah Welch & Alicia Rockmore, of Buttoned Up, Inc. Are you going around town wishing you had time to get a haircut, meet a friend for coffee, or even just read a book?  Just the simple act of getting a little more organized in some areas can unlock quite a bit of […]

Apr, 12

list of things to do in under 30 minutes

Somedays, we have the feeling that there is just not enough time to get anything done in our homes or for ourselves.  Whether you are a stay-at-home mom with children to care for or a parent that works out of the home, maintaining a balance of home, family, and personal time is not easy.  Opportunities […]

Jan, 19

list of tools to help you get organized

Getting organized is a popular resolution in January.  The holiday rush is over.  The feeling of starting fresh is palpable.  You look around and see all of the things that you’ve been putting off for months due to a busy summer, a busy start to the school year, and holiday planning.  Now there is nothing […]

Jan, 13

list of ways to celebrate a new year

January 1st is not just another regular day, but it is a symbol.  It represent second chances and fresh starts and learning curves.  As a kid, I didn’t understand that.  Now I see each start to a new year as an opportunity.  It was at this time of year that I conceived of the idea […]

Jan, 06

list of things to do post-christmas 2009

This is a post I wrote last year on this very day.  The message is the same:  it is time to prepare for the New Year! My husband likes to keep the Christmas decorations up through New Year’s and every year, I think I will try to make it until then. However, the decorations that […]

Dec, 26


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