list of reasons why maine is a great place to live & raise children

We have now lived in Maine for 4 years.  The time has flown.  My oldest daughter started Kindergarten just 2 weeks after moving to Maine.  Now she will be starting in the 4th grade in the fall.  We love it here!  I don’t know how many people get to choose where they want to live, […]

Jun, 23

list of items to include when packing for children

It doesn’t matter that for your entire life before children you never had to check a bag for a flight or that you moved from college to your first apartment filling only the backseat of your Honda Accord. All packing practicality flies right out the window when you are faced with the possibility of being […]

Jun, 09

video: creating a travel budget worksheet

This video shows how easy it is to prepare for travel or a vacation with ListPlanIt‘s Travel Budget Worksheet. Members can find this page in Travel Planning to either download in a PDF format (as shown) or to create and manage their travel budget using ListPlanIt‘s mobile features.

May, 27

list of things i’m taking to mom 2.0 summit this week

I will be hopping a plane this Thursday morning to head to Houston for my first every Mom 2.0 Summit.  To say that I am excited feels like a major understatement.  I not only get to meet some smart women from all over the country that I’ve known only online, but I get to dress […]

Feb, 16

list of steps to preparing for an out-of-town conference

Conferences have become a great way to meet and mingle with a group of people who have similar interests and pursuits. If you have a business, they are also a great way to let those people know of the benefits of your products or services. Twitter is frequently abuzz with conference-goers extolling the virtues of […]

Jan, 25

list of steps for planning your holiday travel

“Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go. . .” or “I’ll be home for Christmas. You can count on me.” With a nomadic society, so many people find themselves living far from family.  The idea of the holidays fills many with a deep longing to get home.   Who doesn’t […]

Nov, 02

list of packing essentials for your next family vacation

Packing for a trip with your family can feel a bit like moving – you gather what seems like the entire contents of your life and you figure out how to get it all from point A to point B.  People often operate under the idea that it is better to have packed too much […]

Jun, 25

list of favorite lists. . .preparing for travel

This week’s browsing around the web brought plenty of inspiration. Check out these fantastic posts about preparing for your next vacation or trip. How To:  Plan and Prepare for your Family Vacation from Outbound Family Summer Vacation Behind the Wheel for planning the perfect roadtrip from InsureMe 12 Family Vacations your Kids Will Never Forget […]

Jun, 13

list of ways to save money on your family vacation

Do not delude yourself, vacations cost a lot of money. Even a weekend away to Boston (and we live only 2 1/2 hours away) cost us just over $500 for our family of 5. It may not be possible to know exactly what a vacation will cost before you take it, but it is possible […]

Jun, 10

list of favorite lists. . .budgeting for family travel

I do a lot of browsing around the web looking for inspiration.  Check out these fantastic posts  about budgeting for family travel. Stress-Free Vacation Planning: A Budget That Works from Organizing Your Way Saving Money While Traveling with Children by Kids Ain’t Cheap 21 Travel Tips to Make your Next Vacation the Best (and Most […]

Jun, 07

list of steps to traveling alone with children

This summer our family will be visiting friends in the Washington, DC area.  So I decided that since we were that much closer to Kansas (where I am from) than Maine (where we live), that I would drive on to Kansas with my 3 children by myself.  It is a little scary, but I have […]

Jun, 03

list of places/events to check out in your own hometown

With so many people being more careful with their money in these uncertain times, it is no wonder that so many people are choosing to stay closer to home for some respite and/or adventure.  There has even been a new term coined – “staycation.”  And why shouldn’t people explore their own hometowns/regions/states?  You may live […]

Jun, 01

list of ways to afford summer fun

Summer is around the corner. For many of you, your children have already begun summer vacation. You may have already started planning a summer vacation or you may be just seeing how things go over the course of the summer. But one thing we are all thinking about is how we can make the most […]

May, 27

list of things I was glad I brought on our camping trip

We decided earlier in the week that we would go camping for the Memorial Day weekend.   We have been on a couple of camping trips with the family, but this is the first time I felt like the children were old enough to make camping pleasant for all of us.  In the past, I was […]

May, 25

list of things to begin to consider for summer vacation

Summer may still be a few months away, but registration has likely already begun for some summer events and happenings. Now is the time to begin to do your research and comparisons to find out what is best for your family. ListPlanIt has all the lists you could possibly need to prepare for an upcoming trip […]

Feb, 09

list of things to remember for holiday travel

The two days before Thanksgiving are two of the busiest travel days of the year! It is human nature to want to be with friends and family on traditional holidays. Christmas also brings a strong desire to hop in the car for a roadtrip or jump on a jet or take a train. Whatever method […]

Nov, 06

list of ways to minimize post-vacation stress

Guest Blogger – Christie Crowder You all have heard someone say “I need a vacation from my vacation”…or maybe you have said it yourself once or twice. It is largely due to the fact that we rarely just flat-out relax when we are on vacation…especially with kids. There is always an activity or some place […]

Jul, 25

list of favorite car/airplane activities for kids

Whether you are planning a roadtrip or a flight, one of the biggest concerns when you have children (especially young ones) is how to keep them busy and/or content. Members to ListPlanIt will find the lists they need in Travel Planning to plan for a road trip or family vacation.  Not yet a member?  Join today and get organized for […]

Jul, 21

list of mama’s favorite travel itineraries

I don’t know about you, but this Mama could use a vacation! For those of you who visit List Mama Blog frequently, you might be thinking, “I thought she just went on vacation?” Well, my question is this: should taking 3 kids (ages 6, 5 and 3) by yourself to stay with your parents in […]

Jul, 10

list of expenses to include in a travel budget

Travel, though fun and satisfying, is expensive. You should not take a trip without knowing how much it is going to cost you. A realistic travel budget will give you not only some peace of mind, but some direction on how much you actually have to spend. Here are some things to consider: Administrative – […]

Jul, 06

list of things to pack for a flight with your family

On Saturday, I fly to Kansas with my 3 young children. I’ll be visiting my parents and my two 88-year-old grandmothers who still live in their own homes. I’m planning on going back to the town I grew up in for a trip down memory lane. Here are some things that I certainly don’t want […]

Jun, 16

list of things to consider when choosing a kid-friendly hotel

Just got back from our weekend trip to Boston with a 2-night stay. 5 people in 2 double beds! Not easy (especially with a 2-year-old who never stops flipping and flopping).   I learned a few things about choosing a kid-friendly hotel from this trip.  Here are some suggestions for the next time you are considering […]

Apr, 21

list of things to pack for a family weekend getaway

Our family is headed to Boston for a 3-day weekend! This will be our first trip together since we moved to Maine in 2006. So these are things I think we most need for our car trip away: Wallet (with cash and credit card) Cell phone with charger Guidebook/map Children’s loveys (blankies and stuffed animal) […]

Apr, 14


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