list of tasks to include in your afternoon/evening routine

The afternoon and evening is often the trickiest time of day. Children may seem tired from a long day of learning and playing. However, there is still homework to consider, after school activities to taxi to and from, dinner to be made, and bedtimes to uphold. It may either feel like bedtime can’t come soon enough or that it comes to soon to fit it all in. Either way, take some time to think about a routine that makes sense for your family so that everyone can transition more peacefully.  Don’t be afraid to tweak it when necessary.  And definitely remain flexible.

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list of tasks to include in your afternoon/evening routine |


    • Hang up coat and put shoes by door
    • Empty backpack
      • Lunchbox can be emptied of trash and dishes
      • Homework/Mail folder emptied
    • Eat a snack (See my family’s afternoon tea tradition)
    • Do homework
      • We do homework immediately after school so that it is done in time for soccer practice
    • Play
      • I encourage my kids to get outside as often as possible and in Maine it can get dark early some months


  • Set the table
  • Family dinner
  • Clear table, clean up from dinner
  • Take a bath/shower or wash hands and faces
  • Floss and brush teeth
  • Lay out clothes for the morning
  • Family togetherness time
    • Our family is past the picture book stage. We read chapter books aloud in the living room.
  • Personal reading time
    • Done in a quiet reading spot (usually in bed)
  • Hugs and kisses from Mom & Dad

What is in your family’s afternoon and evening routines?

One response to “list of tasks to include in your afternoon/evening routine”

  1. Fabulous list! I love the way you always remember to include the little things (like hanging up coats) that I forget- which leads to a bigger cleaning task later! Thanks for that simple reminder that even the little things need to be part of the routine. ;)


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