Lists for Planning a Family Vacation

A family vacation is something to dream about, to look forward to, and to spend many hours preparing for.  When the whole family is involved, it is not wise and not affordable to just “wing it”.  There are so many details that add or contribute to one’s comfort, safety, and fun.  Lists are the key to proper preparation when planning a family vacation.

ListPlanIt has all the lists you could possibly need to prepare for an upcoming trip or vacation.  Members can browse our selection of lists, choose the list they need, edit it the way that makes sense for themselves and their families, and come back to the list again and again as needed. Not yet a member?  Join today and get organized for for a fun family vacation.

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Here are some lists to get you started with your vacation planning.

  • 1-Month Countdown (Time Management) – Keep track important names and contact information in case of emergencies, for convenience, or to group similar people together.
  • Travel Budget Worksheet (Financial Planning) – Don’t make assumptions about the cost of travel, do the math! Assign an average to each night’s stay or meals eaten and multiply it times the number of days or nights you’ll be traveling. Stay on budget while traveling.
  • Accommodations Planner (Travel Planning) – Plan and organize your stay in a hotel, lodge, for a vacation or for business travel. Don’t search for the details. Plug them in here in this list and be ready.
  • Sightseeing Planner (Travel Planning) – Make sure you see all the sights before you head back home. Use this page to list the must-sees to include on your itinerary.
  • Packing List by Category (Travel Planning) – Keep this list handy as you think of things to take on your trip or vacation. Check off each item as it goes into your suitcase.
  • Itinerary (Travel Planning) – Use this list to chart the details of your next vacation.

Find more lists in printable PDF format in Travel Planning.

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